Welcome to

Bugnutty Brewing Company

The newest and only brewery located in Merritt Island,

on the Space Coast of Florida.

Our Story:

Three guys with very different backgrounds

came together to live the same dream:

Brew great beer and have fun doing it.

We turned our experiences in electrical and chemical engineering,

process control, and professional and home brewing into the

Space Coast’s newest microbrewery and tap room – Bugnutty Brewing Company.

Jon – professional brewer and Jack-of-all-Trades

Shawn – retired Air Force Major and hop hound

Michael – NASA controls engineer and brew slave

Bugnutty, adj. \'b?g-'n?-te\

1. to have feelings of discouragement, disappointment or frustration

Example: "Not having a great selection of locally brewed craft beer makes me Bugnutty."

2. being in a state of overwhelming emotion; especially : rapturous delight

Example: "I am so Bugnutty now that I have fresh craft brewed beer right here in Merritt Island!"

Stop in, have a few pints with us, and enjoy the wonderful feeling of being “Bugnutty!"

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